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I found this on tumblr and thought it looked fun. =)
  • 1. Favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! series - Yugioh Duel monsters, I quite like season 0 too.
  • 2. Anime or manga?  - ...Honestly I haven't read too much of the manga so Anime but I prefer how theres more information of the manga. I have looked at many random pages, just not sat down and read it from first to last page.
  • 3. Dub or original?  I've watched almost all of the dub save the last 10'ish episodes as I didn't want to see YGO end ^^; But I have to go with the original even though I'm only on episode 94 at the moment. I wasn't a fan of Yugi in the dub but in the sub I found I really enjyoed him and theres a lot more to the original than the dub.
  • 4. Favorite season/story arc - Heh... I have to say the whole amount of episodes with Yami Marik in because, well... if it isn't obvious, he's my favourite character. xD
  • 5. Favorite opening/ending - I really like the dubs time to duel and the subs first opening.
  • 6. Favorite character - Yami Marik, Yami Marik... Yami Marik? I also love Yami Yugi, Yami Bakura, Ryou and Joey.
  • 7. OTP - Yami Marik x Yami Bakura! :D Psychoshipping ALL THE WAY!
  • 8. Favorite antagonist/villain - Yami Marik
  • 9. Favorite minor character - Ryou Bakura
  • 10. Favorite Duel Monster - Dark Magician
  • 11. Favorite spell card - Can't choose...
  • 12. Favorite trap card - Can't choose...
  • 13. Favorite deck archetype - I like Yami Marik's deck... I just like everything about him >>;
  • 14. How long have you been in the fandom? - I got into it in November 2012. I'm a newcomer! Before that I thought it was just a stupid card game anime and sounded boring! Boy was I wrong. I'm glad I gave it a chance.
  • 15. How did you get into YGO? - My friend and I have a special birthday roleplay we do where we can choose any pairing, show etc. She asked for Yugioh and as I had never seen it, I secretly started watching it to try and get the characters personality down and was hooked. In a week roughly I had watched over 100 episodes.
  • 16. Have you made a friend through shared interest in YGO? - Yes! I've made many friends from cosplaying YGO.
  • 17. Have you ever cried over YGO and why? - Yami Mariks death!! TT_TT I'm sure the episode where Yami goes to heaven will make me cry too...
  • 18. A random headcanon - That most of Malik's movements in YGO were actually Marik's gentle probing in his mind.
  • 19. Least favorite series - Pass
  • 20. Least favorite season/story arc - That one with the oricalcus... I was SO disappointed at the lack of evil Yami. I wanted him to be like season 0. Purely insane! :D
  • 22. Least favorite character - Hmm... That's hard as I like pretty much everyone. Okay, ignoring DM, Miho from season 0. My god she drives me insane! I'm glad they got rid of her.
  • 23. NOTP - Hmm... Thiefshipping I suppose. I don't like how its always abridged... I love the abridged series for what it is, but I wish it was kept out of YGO itself... It's taken over the Malik and Yami Bakura tag...
  • 24. Unpopular opinion? - I guess the above. Everyone I run into ADORES Thiefshipping and I feel the only one who doesn't...
  • 25. Do you play the TCG and if so, what type of deck do you use? No I don't. I want to learn...
  • 26. Favorite YGO music (aside from openings/endings) 13- gods anger. My god I LOVE this music!
  • 27. Favorite YGO video game? - I haven't played any. Going to try and win one at MCM in 2 weeks! :D
  • 28. Something you love about the fandom - How friendly all the cosplayers are! :D I've never felt so welcome into a group before.
  • 29. Something you would change about the fandom - Abridged? -sweatdrop-. I wish people would tag abridged stuff as abridged so it could be seperate from the original.
  • 30. Favorite episode - I don't really have one. I like too many.
  • 31. Favorite duel (because they are often a series of episodes) - Yami Marik v Yami Bakura! :D ....obvious reasons....
  • 32. Favorite voice actor - Hmm.... There's so many good ones. I don't know if I can pick a favourite. Dub and Sub Yami Yugi, Joey in the dub and sub, Yami Marik in sub, Yami Bakura sub and dub
  • 33. Favorite quote from a YGO character - Bakura: "Because I AM the darkness."   Yami Marik: I'll enjoy TAMING the darkness." :D
  • 34. If you met Kazuki Takahashi, what would you say to him? - Thank you for making such an amazing series! I REALLY enjoy how sneaky and interesting you designed Yami Bakura.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Watching: Bondi vet


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